Guangdong Langbowang Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in gift customization production, which was established in 2011 and explored for nearly 8 years from 2018. Developing and settling, maintaining sustained development and innovation, has been affirmed by customers at home and abroad for six consecutive years and obtained DISEY's production and sales rights.

Has obtained Disney's production authorization for six consecutive years, and has now passed ISO 9001:2008 quality system, Disney,

Starbucks, Universal Movies and Television, SEDEX 4P, SMETA, BANPRESTO, TOMY ARTS and other certifications.

Creative gift design, fully meet the needs of personalized and customized gifts.

Main products: PVC soft rubber and silica gel products, acrylic pendulums and pendants, hardware keys, refrigerator stickers, etc., suitable for clocks, watches, handbags, bags, clothing, footwear accessories and various household crafts, ornaments, pendants, pendants, toys, etc.

What is the product function of

What is the product function of PVC key chain? Product function Wide: can eliminate the body, cars, computers, metal objects and all daily life electrostatic (excluding


  • Fancy PVC keychain with a track

    Someone in the street is handing out fancy key rings, that's a tracker, please don't take it home... Recently opened WeChat circle, many friends are forwarding the same
  • Have you ever seen an acrylic k

    Have you ever seen an acrylic key ring with lighting? Acrylic key chain function is open from time to time, in order to meet the needs of consumers, attract the attentio
  • The classification of the PVC k

    PVC key chain, also known as the key chain, key ring, key chain, key hanging, etc. Production of PVC key chain material is generally metal, leather, plastic, wood, etc.

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