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  • About the process of PVC key chain

    PVC key chain manufacturing, the need to use the process has a lot of, from the beginning of the first design sketch: Manufacture PVC key chain mould.
    Release Time:2019-04-16

  • Precautions in the production of PVC key chain

    In the production of various PVC key chain will require the production staff must pay attention to several requirements, in order to ensure the quality
    Release Time:2019-04-16

  • What factors can cause rubber aging

    We all know that things like rubber age, so what factors can cause rubber aging? (1) heat: increasing the temperature can cause the thermal cracking or
    Release Time:2019-04-16

  • How to judge the immaturity of silica gel promotional gift

    In the production of silica gel promotional gifts molding, sometimes found that part of the silica gelpromotional gifts can not meet the required appea
    Release Time:2019-04-16

  • The role of acrylic key chain

    In the various types of nameplate manufacturing, the key chain is also a common one. And mention the key chain, you have to mention the acrylic key cha
    Release Time:2019-04-16

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