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How to judge the immaturity of silica gel promotional gift

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How to judge the immaturity of silica gel promotional gift

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 In the production of silica gel promotional gifts molding, sometimes found that part of the silica gel promotional gifts can not meet the required appearance or function and other quality requirements, this situation is not mature silica gel promotional gifts, is also what we often say when silica gel promotional gifts molding incomplete vulcanization. When the face of silica gel promotional gifts immature problem, how to judge? What are the criteria?

1. Partial immaturity
Local not mature after molding, the characteristics of the silica gel promotional gifts most parts of the appearance and function can meet the quality requirements, only a small part of the appear no vulcanized rubber, basic it is appeared on the surface of the silica gel products, if it is a silicone buttons, will also appear on the substrate and load inclined wall, conductive adhesive button will appear on the conductive base. This local immaturity is strictly due to air pockets (bubbles).
2. Overall immaturity
The overall immaturity of silica gel promotional gifts is characterized by the molding of the whole soft and sticky, pinching its surface with nails will leave a harder original nail print, and vulcanized silica gel promotional gifts after pinching nail print can quickly recover. Touch this kind of undesirable product can have slight gooey feeling, when pulling a product with the hand, the toughness of the product and extend degree want to compare sulfide completely strong. Although the appearance of this immature and ordinary silica gel promotional gifts are no different, but because the overall soft sticky, in the function is certainly not up to the requirements. And the reason for this bad is very simple, molding mold temperature is too low or curing time is too short.
3. Solid thermocompression molding process
This process is the use of oil press temperature and pressure, with the help of mold vulcanization molding products. This process is relatively low cost, high yield, and widely used. It is mostly used for monochrome silica gel products. It can also be applied to products with double color and double hardness or multi-color and multi-hardness, but the product structure is not flexible and restricted. It can also be applied to the package plastic and package metal, the same structure is not flexible, and the package has temperature requirements, the general requirements of the package to 180 degrees Celsius not deformation.

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