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Precautions in the production of PVC key chain

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Precautions in the production of PVC key chain

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 In the production of various PVC key chain will require the production staff must pay attention to several requirements, in order to ensure the quality of PVC key chain, perfect details.

1. First of all, the electronic scale, the oven and the working table must be placed horizontally, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of weighing and lead to the overflow of glue when the product is sent in the process of glue dripping, which will lead to the production of defective PVC key rings.
2. When weighing the glue, the weight of the container must be removed to ensure the accuracy of the glue weight.
3. The abrasive tools for PVC key chain production must be clean. If the abrasive tools for PVC key chain production are not clean enough, it will lead to the undulations, pitting, holes and other defects of PVC key chain products.
4 PVC key chain production glue must be stirred evenly, otherwise the glue will appear after the heat solidification of the product broken color uneven glue hardness and softness uneven and so on.
5. The work table must be kept clean and dust-free, or it will affect the transparency of the product and the PVC key chain product of soft glue will appear spots after heating and solidification.
6. After dripping the glue, the grinding tool must be put in the same place to be warmed and dried. If PVC key chain grinding temperature will not affect the quality of the next product.
7. The temperature on the production line should be kept at 24-26 degrees. Heavy moisture in the working environment will affect the surface of PVC key chain products oxidized into fog.
8. If the delivery time is very tight, the heating and curing method can be adopted, but it must be concentrated in the same area and wait for more than 90 minutes before the board heating, and the temperature should be controlled within 65 degrees, if the PVC key chain is not very eager to rush the goods, please use the room temperature of 28-35 degrees for glue curing.

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