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About the process of PVC key chain

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About the process of PVC key chain

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 PVC key chain manufacturing, the need to use the process has a lot of, from the beginning of the first design sketch:

Manufacture PVC key chain mould. In the computer design of the manuscript, take out the color, make it by the noise color leakage is concave and convex metal noise manuscript, according to the proportion of the printing of sulphuric acid paper, with photosensitive ink exposure method to produce engraved template, and then use the tempering machine according to the appearance of engraved template to stop engraving. Upon completion of the die cutting, it is also required to stop the heat treatment of the die to strengthen the hardness of the die.
Car PVC key chain is hanging on the key chain of a decoration. Manufacturing car PVC key chain data for metal, leather, plastic, wood number. This article is exquisite, appearance kaleidoscope is the automobile thing that people takes everyday. To choose the key with my favorite PVC key chain, not only can show my characteristics, more can show my class.
Car PVC key chain has become a small gift, you can give friends or yourself, to express your mind. The variety of car PVC key chain appearance various, so what classification?
The first category: PVC key chain, can be customized according to the size and shape I want, mold fee is not too expensive, jewelry shop this material is the most; The defect is that the color will become light, become dark;
The second category: metal car PVC key chain, leather car PVC key chain, silicone car PVC key chain, birch bark car PVC key chain;
The third category: acrylic PVC key chain, that is, inorganic glass, export data and domestic data, hollow and solid, is transparent, two can put black paper out; Acrylic hardness resolution of PVC key chain wear level. The yakeli appearance below 3H nowadays spends easily;
Depressed. Install the mould of often heat treatment on platen, turn the copper piece that the pattern presses perhaps iron piece wait for PVC key chain of dissimilar kind to make material on.
Blunt. Use the pre-made knife mold, press the object according to its shape, and punch the object down.
Polishing. Put the object that the die flushes down into the polishing machine to polish, to lose the burr of stamping, and improve the brightness of the object.
Assemble PVC key ring accessories, such as key rings;
According to the customer's request, stop packaging the PVC key chain. Packaging is usually divided into plain packaging and advanced packaging such as jinbox, which we usually according to the customer's request to stop operation

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