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Eight advantages of silicone materials in promotional gifts

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Eight advantages of silicone materials in promotional gifts

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 Engaged in silicone promotional gifts industry for more than 10 years, found that silicone promotional gifts have affected all aspects of our lives. Such as kitchen utensils spatula, cake mold; Bottles and pacifiers for baby products; The most common silicone cell phone cases and so on, these have been in major supermarkets, stores and online sales of fire. Why is there such a gradual selection of silicone materials for product design? Today Wolf teng gift to help you analyze the raw materials of silicone promotional gifts - eight advantages of silicone, answer your questions. No matter how good a product is, it needs advertisement to spread, let more people know it and let more people like it. Therefore, many companies in the company opening or celebration or usually want to do some powerful publicity for the company's brand, so whenever the company spends a lot of money, manpower and material resources to do publicity to achieve the effect of advertising. Or distributing leaflets, posters and banners, but how many people will come to conveniently connect leaflet read, they would have to these numb all sorts of all kinds of advertising, has long been used to conveniently came to and then discarded in this action, so this condition reflex action telling us that advertising does not make people to know enough to know our products.
Silica gel is also called the silicon rubber, is a kind of crosslinking intensified by the packing made of silicon polymer synthetic elastomer. It achieves a combination of chemical and mechanical properties unmatched by organic elastomers.
Its eight advantages are as follows:
First: it has a longer service life in harsh environment, and is not affected by weather -- rain, snow, moisture, ozone, solar ultraviolet (UV) for a long time; Organic elastomers may become brittle after prolonged exposure to the environment.
Second: safe and environmentally friendly, widely used in food processing tools, baby supplies and other aspects;
Third: when exposed to severe environmental stress (heat, cold, moisture, oil, ozone, ultraviolet), its inherent good electrical insulation quality will not change significantly;
Fourth: more options -- wider hardness range (from shaw A10 to 80), wider color range (from transparent to bright);
Fifth: in a wide temperature range to maintain its natural flexibility and elasticity (compression deformation), improve the comfort and feeling of consumer goods;
Sixth: good sealing performance;
Seventh: inert (tasteless, odorless);
Eighth: the use of a wider temperature range from 100 ℃ to 316 ℃; Organic elastomer at temperature over 100 ℃ happens to soften and irreversible deformation, the temperature below 25 ℃ will become fragile.

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