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Some general knowledge of PVC key chain

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Some general knowledge of PVC key chain

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 PVC key chain is divided into two key chain factory and no key chain factory. There are many kinds of keychain factories. Do not enchase gem to have the traditional pattern such as lock piece, chicken heart, basket of flowers, ingot. This type of key chain factory, for our people prefer the traditional shape. In fact, we all feel that some PVC refrigerator stickers can bring us the best life, which is mainly to bring us a lot of convenience. In fact, it is mainly a good decorative effect on the refrigerator, and is able to record some things, that is, can do the relevant memo, so is sure to be able to bring us a certain wonderful. If we need to inform the family of some relevant things, of course, can bring us a kind of the most beautiful feeling. Key chain factory often engraved with a variety of patterns, zodiac patterns, auspicious text, etc. As a result of the influence of foreign jewelry, the design of key chain factory is more and more rich, have all sorts of animal plant figure, figure portrait, abstract design. In the key chain factory there is a small photo box key chain factory. This key chain factory is often a token of affection between lovers. Its design has "open and closed" and "open and closed" two kinds, open and closed according to the key chain box factory like the door as optional switch. The key chain factory is about to move open photo box. The crucifixion, crucifixion and other religious key chains are also popular with many young people. Along with the jewelry material day by day rich, the PVC key chain style, the key chain factory modelling also particularly colorful. Set jewelry key chain factory, mostly in the gold circle set diamonds, gemstones, agate and so on.

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