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Silica gel gift industry problems and development prospects

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Silica gel gift industry problems and development prospects

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 Silicone promotional gifts refer to the silicone rubber as material performance using silicone rubber material characteristics of production of silica gel decorations, silica gel jewelry is the essence of the meaning of decoration, with the development of silica gel jewelry, silica gel jewelry function is becoming more and more powerful, but can not cover its surface beautiful dazzling characteristics.

First of all, due to the limited development time, experience accumulation and technological innovation are greatly restricted, the overall quality of domestic silicone occupation and foreign must be a certain distance. Most of the products produced in China now can satisfy the requirements of customers, but in the case of very high customer requirements or special rubber still need to use imported rubber. In the special glue and high - function glue, the domestic market has a big gap.
Secondly, because the occupation of silicone rubber is a capital-intensive occupation, the current economic situation also determines the severity of its living environment, difficult capital activities, severe commodity homogenization, rising prices of materials, the company's livelihood has been greatly challenged. In addition, in the silicone rubber profession now also gradually constitute a vicious circle of price war, to new Oriental and other manufacturers led by the customer for the low-end manufacturers, constantly lower prices, so that the profit of the whole profession has been reduced.
Development prospect:
Silicone rubber profession is a capital-intensive and technology content is higher, compared with labor intensive professional there will be a very good momentum, your rubber material is first used in electronic appliances, medical equipment, baby products, such as a big career, reach is widespread, and many have used will be gradually replaced by a silicone rubber goods.
In 2012, the development trend of silicone rubber will focus on liquid rubber. Xinan tianyu has invested 50 million yuan to set up a liquid rubber production base, which will also change the current format of silicone rubber profession to a certain extent. Together, also want to realize now silicone professional internal competition intensity, the sluggish economic situation and the corresponding monetary policy, small and medium-sized companies financing activities more and more difficult, this to a capital-intensive career is a kind of battle, but if you can spend such a economic winter, tomorrow will be very boast of the top silicon rubber profession.
From the perspective of commodities, domestic silicone rubber profession still needs general rubber and gas-phase rubber, together with flame retardant rubber, low-degree rubber and liquid rubber and other special rubber needs are on the rise, these rubber technology content is higher, the added value is larger than the first two kinds of conventional rubber, so there will be a lot of market space for these varieties in the future.

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