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What are the influential factors of silicone promotional gifts

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What are the influential factors of silicone promotional gifts

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What are the influential factors of silicone promotional gifts 
1. The viscosity. The volumetric behavior of a liquid, quasi-liquid, or quasi-solid, that is, the internal friction or resistance between molecules as they move in response to an external force. Viscosity is normally proportional to hardness.
2. The hardness. The resistance of the data section to hard material being pressed into its surface is called hardness. Silicone rubber has a shore hardness scale of 10 to 80, which gives the designer sufficient freedom to select the desired hardness for optimal completion of specific functions. The hardness values of various centers can be achieved by mixing the polymer substrate, fillers and additives in different proportions. Similarly, the time and temperature of heating and curing can also alter the hardness without damaging other physical characteristics.
3. Tensile strength. Tensile strength is the force required per unit of size to form a tear in a rubber data sample. The tensile strength of hot sulfurated solid silicone rubber is between 4.0-12.5mpa. Fluorine silicone rubber tensile strength scale between 8.7-12.1MPa. The tensile strength of liquid silicone rubber ranged from 3.6 MPa to 11.0MPa.
4. Tear strength. Resistance to cutting or nicking by applying force to a cut sample. The hot sulfur type solid silicone rubber can not be torn even under extremely high torsion stress. The tearing strength of hot sulfur type solid silicone rubber is between 9-55 kN/m. The tear strength of fluorine silicone rubber is between 17.5 and 46.4 kN/m. The tear strength of liquid silicone rubber is between 11.5 and 52 kN/m.
5. Elongation. "Ultimate rupture elongation" may be the percentage increase in the length of a sample relative to its original length when it is cracked. The general elongation scale of hot sulfur type solid silicone rubber is between 90 and 1120%. The general elongation of fluorosilicone rubber is between 159 and 699%. The general elongation of liquid silicone rubber is between 220 and 900%. The elongation can be greatly modified by different processing methods and selection of hardeners. The elongation of silicone rubber is closely related to temperature.
6. Operation time. The operation time is calculated from the moment the colloid participates in the curing agent. There is no complete boundary between this operation time and the curing time in the following. The colloid has already carried out the curing reaction from the very beginning of the curing agent. This operation time means that the curing reaction of the product for 30 minutes can not affect the quality of the product. Therefore, the more time saved in the product operation process, the more beneficial to the product.
7. Curing time. Some local people say it's the moment of solidification. In other words, after such a long time of silicone vulcanization reaction is basically over. This is basically the end of the product is available, but in fact there is a very small part of the curing response is not over. So the use of silicone rubber products, such as silicone mold generally put on a period of time before putting into use.

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