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The market prospect of the silica gel promotion gifts

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The market prospect of the silica gel promotion gifts

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 The market prospect of the silica gel promotion gifts
In the global economic downturn today, the past few years blindly take the export as the king, or the development of domestic enterprises group-buying road has become narrower and narrower. To a certain extent, creative home gifts and luxury goods with high added value are gradually in line with the pace of the world, and these small commodities are also producing huge innovations in marketing methods. The intervention of e-commerce provides a more convenient and credible marketing platform for these products. And its relatively high added value is a development trend of the gift industry. With the rapid increase of domestic silicone rubber market demand, China has become the world's consumer center of silicone rubber, and the main foreign silicone rubber production countries and regions, will also increase the expansion of our market. In recent years, domestic enterprises have brought more and more anti-dumping lawsuits against imported silicone rubber, which indicates that the domestic silicone rubber market will be increasingly competitive in the future.
Creative household items in the gift industry category and can be divided into roughly three, first is creative silicone electronic gifts, most of them are with fabulous modelling and design for the highway to rely on in articles for daily use, this product positioning in the white-collar and fashionable young gens, they all belong to in the choose and buy of this kind of product consumption, consumption motives for valentine's day, birthday, or more to the life pursuit of delicate or was most impressed by the design of products, such products market prices in a few yuan to thousands of yuan, also belongs to the category of the young people consumption, these products can effectively alleviate the pressure of work and the environment to the person, whether or not the economic downturn, are not affected by a lot.
Followed by animation industry driven by silica gel gifts, toys to Disney, doraemon, crayon small new, transformers, warcraft led cartoon gift the player watches, such as Europe and the United States is a considerable part of the animation market share by developing cartoon peripheral products to create huge profits, the domestic animation industry development is slow, but some pleasant goat, qq image as the theme of the cartoon peripheral products also have a certain competitiveness in the same market, is a national key development of value-added industries in recent years, the prospect is good.

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