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Production of PVC key chain need to use what mechanical equipment

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Production of PVC key chain need to use what mechanical equipment

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 PVC is a relatively common plastic material, in fact, in our daily life are common, just may not be able to see the identification. I mentioned earlier what kind of material is PVC? PVC material can also produce a lot of products, and now some of the more popular crafts are also made of this material, such as: PVC key chain, PVC coasters, PVC mobile phone holder, PVC mobile phone holder, PVC photo frame and so on.

PVC key chain production is a process, then the production process will also use some mechanical equipment.
1. Engraving machine: mainly used to open product molds, as all PVC products require supporting product molds;
2. Sandblasting machine: mainly used for mold processing, new mold must be sandblasted to produce products;
3. Vacuum pump: it is used to pump the air inside the liquid raw material;
4. Mixer: adjust the color required by the product. Since the material is composed of powder and oil, it must be mixed to form uniform liquid material.
5. Air compressor: mainly supply gas to the dispenser. Many production machines are pneumatic equipment, such as mold closing machine, dispenser, etc.;
6. Glue dropping machine: drop different colored materials on the product;
7. Baking mold table: in addition to the previous glue dropping process, there is one of the most important working procedures for producing PVC products, namely baking mold. In this way, the liquid material can be rapidly formed by using high temperature.
8. Screen printing and pad printing machine: if the product requires screen printing, the screen printing and pad printing machine may be used.
The above is some commonly used mechanical equipment, but do different products, there will be some different requirements, of course, there may be used in some other auxiliary equipment, here do not introduce one by one.

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