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What is the product function of PVC key chain?

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What is the product function of PVC key chain?

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 What is the product function of PVC key chain?
Product function
Wide: can eliminate the body, cars, computers, metal objects and all daily life electrostatic (excluding industrial electrostatic);
Fast: elimination of static time is 0.2 seconds 3 seconds; To: completely eliminate static damage;
Safety: without any toxic side effect and risk, definitely safe and environmentally friendly products.
Method of use
1. Touch the oval button lightly with your thumb, without any effort.
2. Touch the conductive body (such as: automobile, human body, computer, iron railing, metal object, etc.) with the conductive data of the product head for discharging, and the LCD screen picture will be well displayed when discharging.
(note: if you want to verify whether the function of this product is effective, please touch the general television screen or computer screen to check, on or off the more obvious.) Embedded LCM module, driving LCD drawing, no battery, long-term use.

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