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What varieties classification of acrylic key chain?

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What varieties classification of acrylic key chain?

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 What varieties classification of acrylic key chain?
1. The couple buckle
Lovers key chain is the latest development of zinc alloy jewelry, is a brand promotion business promotion craft, but also a novel gift. Its back can also laser LOGO, personalized custom key chain.
Product usage: brand promotion, new product promotion, tourist attraction, souvenir, celebration souvenir, advertisement and so on.
2. Logo button
Key chain is the latest development of zinc alloy automotive supplies, the surface through oil or plating rare metals do rust treatment; Is a car 4S shop sales gift owners exquisite small gifts, but also owners of essential interior supplies, car accessories, personalized fashion supplies.
Product usage: brand promotion, new product promotion, souvenir, etc.
3. Mark buckle
Fuwa is the mascot of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Its color and inspiration come from the Olympic rings, the vast land of China, rivers, lakes and people's favorite animal images. Fuwa conveys to children around the world the spirit of friendship, peace, initiative and the desire to live in harmony with nature. Fuwa is a group of five cute, intimate friends who blend fish, panda, Tibetan antelope, swallow and Olympic flame. Each doll has a catchy name: "beibei", "jingjing", "huanhuan", "yingying" and "nini". When you put the names of the five dolls together, you will read Beijing's invitation to the world: "Beijing welcomes you". Fuwa represents the dream and the aspiration of the Chinese people. Their prototype and headdress contain their connection with the sea, forest, fire, earth and sky. Their image design USES the expression way of Chinese traditional art to show the splendid culture of China.
4. Crystal buckle
Crystal and cast steel material plus production process, delicate and durable, very young friends like. ROC in the beginning, may also be precisely considering the hardware "cool face cool shape", from these key chain design, a change from the past. Delicate shape, it is to attract the eyeball of little girls very much. And summer comes, also be very good adornment.
5. Solar buckle
Solar energy flash key chain is the latest development and production of solar energy application products, the use of low light amorphous silicon solar cell power supply principle, so that high quality LCD flashing light, is a brand of fine arts, but also a novel gift. Magic LCD display, a flash between a flash full of fun and technology sense!
Enterprise brand publicity, new product promotion, tourist attractions, souvenirs, anniversary souvenirs. Hotel hotel building opening commemorative plaque and banking, telecommunications, network, insurance, post and telecommunications, communications, railway, aviation, Marine, advertising and other industries to commemorate promotional products.
The front side is single flashing, and the back side is laser paper.
6. Remove electrostatic buckle
Functional static key chain is with the elimination of the human body, cars, computers, household appliances and other daily life static key chain. When using the key chain to contact with electrostatic objects can be electrostatic elimination.

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