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Fancy PVC keychain with a tracker in it?

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Fancy PVC keychain with a tracker in it?

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 "Someone in the street is handing out fancy key rings, that's a tracker, please don't take it home... "Recently opened WeChat circle, many friends are forwarding the same message, which makes the public some worry. Police confirmed that the information was a rumor.

The message said: "there are already people on the street handing out fancy keychains, they are trackers, please don't take them home. Tell our friends and family about the new scam and ask them to be vigilant.
"This kind of tracking is common in movies, and it would be terrible if we had it around us!" "Said Mr. Kwok, a citizen.
Can PVC key rings be fitted with trackers? Reporters came to times square with questions, looking for similar tech products. "If it is a location tracker, it must be used with the communication service provided by the communication operator." Xiao hongtao, a software developer in the square, said most of the trackers in the market need to buy a SIM card, which will be installed in the tracker, plus batteries, to complete the assembly.
"The tracker is in a small PVC key ring, which is very difficult." Mr. Xiao said the PVC key chain trackers have never been seen on the market.
Subsequently, the reporter inquires some large shopping website to see, a few net inn have the tracer of style of PVC key chain of sale, but it is fixed position design more, use for old person, child only. There are hundreds of styles, prices range from hundreds to thousands of yuan.
After inquiry, the reporter found that the signature of the property service center for the field. Moreover, this information has been circulated in hunan, wuhan, xi 'an and other places as early as 2012.
"At present, we have not received a case caused by PVC key chain tracker." Special police cao xiaofeng believes that the information is pure rumors, PVC key chain made of tracking device, not only high cost, and free random delivery in the street, this does not meet the requirements of the criminal gang positioning accuracy, hope the public do not believe the rumor does not spread.

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