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Acrylic key chain with what glue bonding fast and firm?

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Acrylic key chain with what glue bonding fast and firm?

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 Acrylic key chain production needs to use glue to bond, so what glue to use in the end to bond faster and stronger?

Acrylic key chain on the wonderful, you know how much? A general who locks doors and guards property. The key is its companion, a key to open a lock, a perfect match. The key is carry, the key is much, how to do? Hang them on a string with a key chain together, hang small brand, small decorations again above, practical and convenient. An ordinary key chain becomes novel and unique in the hands of a creative inventor.
1. Shadowless glue, also called UV ultraviolet glue, the glue is by absorbing UV curing light, no ultraviolet ray is not cured, adhesive acrylic key chain after high transparency, not white, not yellowing, this also is the major advantage of UV glue, glue is fast, but the speed is a UV lamp to decide, quickly to a few seconds, slow to a few minutes, weakness is to use the UV lamp or UV tunnel, if you don't use for a long time? Will increase the cost of unnecessary equipment and tools. In addition, the cost of glue is also about 1000 yuan and 1KG. This kind is rarely used except for some of the more upscale products.
2. Instant glue, the glue and glue is used often by acrylic key chain, with or without bleaching type low albino type, quality, of course, good industrial instant dry glue can have such effect, the cost is not low, so a seal glue, glue in the ventilation is not good, possibly white, so as to cooperate with instant dry rubber accelerator to use cost will be higher, such as the value of the plastic products is not high, can't use, this also is one of the shortcoming of instantaneous adhesive, advantage is the quick drying, high efficiency, fast speed to assembly line operation. After bonding, the product is transparent and colorless.

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